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Here at Filey C of E Nursery and Infants Academy we recognise the importance of providing children with a safe and secure environment for them to thrive. As part of this we are committed to ensuring that children are given the opportunity to develop their personal, social and emotional needs. In July 2023 we were awarded the ‘National Nurturing Schools Accreditation’ and have officially become a Nurture School through the National Nurturing Schools Programme. 

We support our children through the use of the ‘Six Principles of Nurture’. These include:

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally
  • The classroom offers a safe base
  • Nurture is an important part of self-esteem
  • Language is understood as a vital means of communication
  • All behaviour is communication 
  • Transitions are significant in the lives of children.

These principles are used daily in discussions with children through one to one conversations, group discussions, class discussions and during Collective Worships, when appropriate. 

The social and emotional needs of our children are assessed and tracked using the Boxall Profiling Tool. These help create bespoke plans for children based on their individual needs. All staff provide support to promote positive emotional, social and cognitive development in Nursery, Early Years and KS1. These considerations are used to create and develop a positive context for teaching and learning from policy creation to weekly lesson planning.

Structure and consistency are key in children feeling safe and supported in school. Please find below some of the strategies we use throughout school to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Visual timetable
  • Structured timetable
  • A behaviour policy that sets clear expectations
  • Adults modelling positive relationships and interactions
  • Time to talk
  • Pastoral support
  • Achievements and attainments are celebrated
  • Children are supported to understand and express their thoughts and feelings
  • Widgit symbols

Achieving this accreditation has provided us with the recognition of all the hard work and dedication stakeholders, staff and parents have done to support all children and families in our school community. 


Below are some quotes from our assessment report.

”Filey C of E Nursery and Infants Academy is a very special, vibrant, nurturing place with a warm, caring and fun atmosphere.’’

‘’The Christian character and core values of the school work in harmony with the Six Principles of Nurture and both are reflected in every area of school life. They deliver a creative nurturing curriculum which promotes moral, spiritual, mental and physical development.’’

‘’The curriculum is interesting and reflects their geographical location. The school is at the heart of the community of Filey and they work very hard to deepen both the children’s and their family’s appreciation and knowledge of the community, its heritage and uniqueness. ‘’

‘’The school has devoted time on constructing a PSHE curriculum which reflects the world in which we now live. They encourage each child to do their best, to love learning and above all to care for and appreciate each other.’’

‘’The school has a wonderful environment which they have adapted over their nurture journey. It has many wonderful areas with both indoor and outdoor nurturing spaces.’’

‘’At Filey Infants school they value and constantly encourage parental engagement offering many opportunities for family members to join in with school life.’’

‘’The school website and active social media presence further emphasises their commitment to nurture and pupil wellbeing’’

‘’It was very clear the nurture award has been the result of hard work and determination of the whole staff team.’’

‘’The importance of all transitions, macro and micro have been carefully considered.’’

‘’School is a hub for learning, through the adult learning opportunities they provide. There has been a large uptake of the adult learning sessions provided by the Family Learning team, these are completed in school.’’

‘’Local community links are very strong.’’

‘’There is a food bank which all stakeholders within the community can access. This is further enhanced by the Uniform cupboard and Winter recycling scheme, which provides children and adults with good quality school uniforms, shoes and coats. These resources are utilised really well as they are handled sensitively and with a non-judgemental approach – Global Goals.’’

‘’The pupils that I spoke to were extremely articulate, knowledgeable and demonstrated a real understanding of nurture despite their young age.’’

Below are some quotes from our assessment day.

“We are one big friendly team.” – staff
“Everything we do is very natural. We are naturally nurturing.” – staff
“It’s a very satisfying place to work. It never feels like a chore.” – staff
“The best thing has been to watch the children’s confidence grow. I like watching the progression.” – staff
“It’s such a happy place to work.” – staff
“It’s a very satisfying place to work; it never feels like a chore to be here.” – staff
“I like building relationships with the children.” – staff
“It’s about trust, I trust all my staff, they feel valued.” – headteacher
“We are humans first and teachers second.” – headteacher
“It’s ok to make mistakes, mistakes are where we grow as humans.” – headteacher
“I feel involved even though I am a parent.” – parent
“I am grateful for the courses for adults, learning to sew, free food, clothes and uniform – everyone’s included, there is something for everyone.” – parent
“I feel lucky I am so involved in my child’s learning.” – parent
“We are asked as parents what we want and know we are listened to.” – parent
“The Six Principles of Nurture have taken time to grow but are now firmly embedded in the school.” headteacher
“Nurture now runs through the school; it is in the culture and ethos of the whole school.” Staff
“Wellbeing is tight, there is a work life balance.” Staff
“The school is a community, friendly and welcoming but the fact they remember stuff about each individual child is amazing.” Parent
“I love this school and it is an amazing place to be. I’m gutted we are here such a short time.” Parent

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Many thanks

Miss Jessica Williams