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Every Child a Talker (ECaT) is a programme that enhances four areas of communication and language skills. These areas are Listening and Attention, Receptive (understanding), Expressive (talking) and Social Communication (taking turns, considering other’s opinions and exploring a range of feelings).

In October 2013 we began the programme by assessing all nursery and reception children to determine their stage of language development. The data highlighted that 90% of children were at risk of delay for expressive language. Successful intervention over the year significantly reduced this to 39% of children who were at risk of delay. The cumulative effect of one years impact resulted in only 59% of children requiring additional support across Foundation Stage 1 and 2 in its second year.

The programme continues into Year 1 as transition for speaking and listening. This provision is enhanced through the introduction of Talk Boost as a follow up intervention for those children still requiring additional support.