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The Rainbow Room is a hive of activity for our artists on Friday lunchtimes. We’ve made lots of creations using different media, many of which have been proudly displayed in our “Art Gallery”. Art club is a wonderful opportunity to talk with the children about their interests. Our artists thrive on exchanging ideas and working together as a team, and will often come up with suggestions for our next sessions. From embroidery to building “custard cannons” our children are full of inspirational ideas and fantastic imaginations.

Starry Night

Art club explored Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, producing their own interpretations of aspects of the painting. We also...
Posted On 21 Dec 2018

Inspiring Artists

Mrs Macmillan kindly donated this wonderful to school. It now has pride of place in our Art Gallery, along with some photos of her...
Posted On 21 Dec 2018

‘Mud Hands Circle’

We had a look at a a picture by the artist Richard Long  called ‘Mud Hands Circle’. We decided to create our own pictures...
Posted On 26 Oct 2018

Flags of the World

We’ve started the new term looking at “Flags of the World”. Our artists each chose a few flags to paint, carefully...
Posted On 19 Jan 2018

365 penguins

Over the past few weeks we have been building our own junk model vehicles. we explored using axles to help the wheels move freely. One...
Posted On 03 Nov 2017

Mindfulness Patterns

We had a very relaxing time in Art Club last week, colouring ‘ Mindfulness’ patterns. This week, we have been looking at...

Autumn Display

We have finished our Autumn display in the Art Gallery. We used our hands and arms to print the trunks and branches of our trees, and...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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Sapphire Jubilee

We’ve celebrated Her Majesty’s “Sapphire Jubilee” in Art Club. Our artists designed some celebratory cards to...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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