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Universal Free School Meals

From 13th December 2014 the EU Food Information Consumers Regulation (EU FIC) came into force. The EU law listed fourteen allergens that need to be identified if they are used as ingredients in a dish. Details of these allergens are listed clearly on the notice board by the kitchen serving hatch in the school hall.

Free School Meal eligibility

In September 2014 Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children all became eligible for a free school meal. Nursery children are charged at £1.60 per meal. School meals are healthy, tasty, social and fun.

A freshly prepared two course meal is offered everyday with hot and cold, meat and vegetarian options. We also take into account other dietary requirements e.g. religious, cultural, allergy/intolerance and all meals are based on the government’s nutritional guidelines. Your child may still bring a packed lunch but we would encourage them to try a school lunch, saving you time and money. More information and a notification form are below and also a copy of NYCC’s current menu for primary Schools.

Free School Meal eligibility and Pupil Premium Funding

Did you claim for Free School Meals or do you think you may be eligible?

Although your child/children may have taken a Universal Free School meal from September 2014 they are also able to benefit from additional funding from central government known as the Pupil Premium Grant (currently £1320 per child). We would encourage you to still apply for this eligibility if you still meet the criteria below, as this funding is important to the school and helps us to support children to reach their full potential and achieve higher academic grades at school. The criteria is listed on the form below with the application form.