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Return of the Evil Pea!

Return of the Evil Pea!

The children have been fascinated to explore the ‘Supertato’ books by Sue Hendra.

Every year we have children who become superheroes and this can encourage some over boisterous play. However, we have used the stimulus of the story to explore different vegetables. The children have made their own ‘Super Veggies’ and have learned lots of new vocabulary to describe marrows, avacados, butternut squash, aubergine and many more.

The children used various vegetables to make their own cress heads. We undertook an experiment to determine whether cress would grow inside an onion… and it did!

Some children decided to make Super Veg vehicles using recycled materials and some made their own number plates which were truly amazing!

They were very excited when they arrived at school to discover the Super Marrow, Super Aubergine and Super Squash had been vegnapped and locked up in the vegetable sacks. The only way to release them was to find the right  numbered key to match the padlock.

The children had lots of fun and some used their amazing thinking skills and found alternative ways to release them!

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